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Them’s Fightin’ Herds: Backers’ Beta starts May 25

Good news everyone! The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally at hand. Backers Beta begins* on Thursday, May 25 PT. *Subject to slight time variation due to circumstances out of our control, like Steam’s key distribution/approval system (i.e. not “midnight” or something) So there you have it. Watch the universe spontaneously combust now […]

Good news, bad news, stream news.

The Good News (everyone!)   The good news is: The game’s pretty far along. Mechanically, the game’s pretty complete: Things work, things fight, things get knocked out. UI’s pretty much done, pending a revision pass, and the stages are mostly there as well. The cardboard cutout shaped holes continue to be filled animation wise, and […]

Mane6 Work Stream #15 – Archive

Another month, another stream. We’re reaching the end of the planned development cycle, too, so this might be one of the three last major work streams we make (at least before we dip into the additional crowdfunded material) This month, we’re scheduling the work stream for next Friday, February 24, as usual, at 3PM pacific […]

Mane6 Work Stream #13

Let’s be honest. This one will probably be a short and very casual one. But hey, progress! Stream for December will happen on Friday, December 23, at 3pm Pacific Time, in our twitch channel, as it’s the custom. See (some of) you there! (probably) And in case we don’t see ’round the channel this time, […]

Mane6 Work Stream #12 – Announcement

Usually, the monthly stream would be happening on a Friday. Most of the times, weirdly, it’d also happen to conflict with one thing or the other (tournaments, holidays, earthquakes, birthdays, whathaveyous), meaning that we’d (inadvertently) make it so some people couldn’t attend. BUT NOT THIS TIME! This time, we came prepared (we didn’t)! Since Friday […]

Mane6 Work StreamS X: Anniversary Edition

Oooh boy, it’s been one year…ish, since the crowdfund started. Time flies. Let’s have us something special for the occasion, shall we? Mane6 Work Stream X.1: Twitch Plays TFH   Starting with this! – Last time we did a Twitch Plays TFH session (during the crowdfund’s final moments), we had parts of arizona and velvet […]

Backerkit Surveys going out!

Hey guys! Starting today, Backers in the $10 pledge tier and above will be receiving some e-mail from us via the backerkit system. The invitation email will contain a link to your personal survey for the campaign rewards. For most everyone, this survey will cover some basic information. What name you’d like to be credited […]

Mane6 Work Stream #8

Hi everyone! Mane6’s July Work Stream is scheduled for next friday, July 22, at 3PM PDT, in our Twitch channel. Our background artist, Lindsay, will be joining us this week to show some stage background process & progress. See you all there!