Backers’ Beta Started!​

Sorry for the delay!

Beta’s officially starting at 11:38pm, May 25 PT, so we’re still within the deadline, technically <.<

Backers in the $40 and above tiers should start seeing e-mails in their inboxes from the backerkit system, including a steam-redeemable key. To use it, please go to your steam account, then the games menu up top, and click on “Activate a product on Steam” and enter your key!

See you in game!

  • Jon


  • Hahstuz

    I didn’t even back this, but SWEET!
    A few hours late is much better than whatever I’ve seen elsewhere, anyway.

  • Antonio Benitez

    I’m on the $40 backer but I didn’t receive any mail about this, only the notification of the beginning of the beta.

    • Same here. I assume the backer system may take some time. I’m pretty sure I filled out the info survey awhile back as well, but I assume it’ll get straightened out in a day or so.

  • baltakatei

    “Purchase error. An unexpected error has occured. Your subscription to the following items has not been completed. Please Contact Steam Support using the link below.” #RIP

  • sun Hot

    Can not you sponsor????????????