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Crowdfund money is in!

Who likes good news?, everyone?

Then good news, everyone!

After a constant drip (more like a pour, really) of individual paypal e-mails (over 10,000 over the course of a week. That was fun), the totality of the Indiegogo funds (sans the Indiegogo and paypal fees, of course) is now in the Mane6 paypal account. From paypal, 95% of the money will be moved into the company’s bank account, which will be taking a couple of days, and from there, it’ll start being distributed as we start covering the expenses, contracting the people required and making the necessary payments for licensing and purchase of materials.

In other words: Mane6 is now working full time on Them’s Fightin’ Herds, and our planned 18 months development cycle can officially begin.

Indiegogo Referral Contest: The Winners

Hello everyone!

Now that the crowdfund has ended and the small amounts refunded have stopped (that’s normal, by the way; Failed payment processing and/or last-minute upgrade refunds that didn’t come through for a couple days), we have tallied the numbers (over 176,000 referrals!), looked at the lists and determined the winners of our Referral Rewards contest.

Book of Lore – Chapter 4: The Strange One

The Fœnum world traveler is aware of the impressive level of technology its hooved inhabitants possess. Across the world, ungulates are able to build structures, irrigate water, and even create crude vehicles. But there are still societies who live lives of bygone eras, who have not changed since a time not long after ungulates learned […]

Post Crowdfund Report

Thank you! (Again again) Have we mentioned that you guys are awesome? Because seriously, you ARE awesome. One month, 10,529 backers and a bit over $587,000 later, we emerge from this crowdfund at 135% of our original goal of $426,000 to fund the development of Them’s Fightin’ Herds. This means we reached our original goal […]

Mac/Linux Stretch goal get!

Cheers everyone! We’ve reached $486k, which is the Mac/Linux port stretch goal! Thanks you for all the support even after our initial goal! This means we will be porting Them’s Fightin’ Herds to Mac and Linux. Since we are also greenlit on Steam, everyone that will be receiving the game from pledge rewards will get […]

Can’t stop the Stampede!

Today, we woke up after a night of stream-based celebration to find that the crowdfund not only passed the initial goal (436k), but is well on its way to reach the first stretch goal. Have we told you guys that you’re awesome? ‘Cause you’re pretty horn-tootin’ awesome. We have about 61 hours left on the […]

Book of Lore – Chapter 3: The Pact

Deep in the shady forests of The Woodland resides the Order of the Horn. A reclusive, mystic clan, they consist entirely of pure white beasts that are at once like horses, deer and goats; with cloven hooves, lions’ tails and a single, spiraling horn stretching from their foreheads. Unicorns. They are an ancient race, stoic […]

Stream 2 is live!

Edit 2: And the recording is now up on youtube! Edit: Stream over, thanks for joining! We’re live now, we’re showing some gameplay/work progress, and Lauren’s having a chat with the stream!, come join us!  

250k get, Streams, Lore, Xanadu and more!

We’ve passed 250k! Go team! We’ve now smashed the 250k barrier! We’re nearly 60% there, and on the way to make Them’s Fightin’ Herds a reality! Of course, there’s still a ways to go, so let’s keep on spreading the word. Remember, we have prizes for the people who bring in the most in referred […]


Edit 2: The stream recording has been uploaded to youtube!, Have an embed! Edit: Aaaand stream’s over! Thanks to everyone for coming, hope you had fun (we certainly did)! See you next stream =) Hey folks, we’re streaming some Them’s Fightin’ Herds game/work progress in our twitch channel, come join the party!  

The Book of Lore: Prologue

Life had been peaceful in the world of Fœnum. The inhabitants of this world – furry, four-footed, hooved – had thrived for generations, creating culture, building societies. They lived happily, with sweet, grassy pastures at their disposal and great, expansive fields to gallop across. They were free. But it has not always been so. Long […]

Them’s some Stretch goals.

People have been asking us about stretch goals. We’ve been crunching the numbers, making some calculations, and so, we’re ready to announce our first three stretch goals for Them’s Fightin’ Herds. $486,000 – Them’s Fightin’ Herds on Linux and Mac If we manage to raise $486,000 total, Them’s Fightin’ Herds will also be releasing in […]

New and restocked pledge tiers on the crowdfund campaign.

All new pledge-tiers! You guys are SO awesome, that most of the limited-tier rewards ran out in ONE DAY. That’s plenty awesome! But since there are still people out there wanting to get in on the four-legged ungulate-behind kicking action, we took a look at our pledge tiers and managed to squeeze in a few […]