Polygon Article and general update

Hey everybody!

The team just got an article over at Polygon, with comments from CoreDev (including Lauren) where we talk a bit about the past, the present and the future of the team. You can go read it by clicking on the header image, or via this link!

You can also take a look at the photos of the team sparkling in the rainbow, which make an already great article even better. We’re planning to frame the Nappy one to put into our not-office.

In progress-related news, we’re still at it! – The team has been exploring and learning their way on the Z-Engine; Our programmer duo has also been adapting and preparing some additional tools we’ll be making use of for the new game, and Lauren and core are still working on character design.

All that said, we apologize for the lack of exciting stuff to talk about. There’s been some, actually, but it’s more of the “exciting for us as developers” than “exciting for the general public” kind. We were blind and the Z-Engine is showing us the light.

So we’re going to be a bit slow for a month or two, while the train picks up speed, and from then on, full speed ahead!

We’re working our collective proverbial off, but any progress in the first stage of game creation (pre-production) might not give as much new exciting stuff to talk about until we get into development proper, in which we’ll be talking more as we go through our work, and get to introduce you guys to the new characters and universe we’re planning here. We’ve already got some ideas on how we plan to, actually, and are very excited for the time to come and unveil them. =)

Lastly, a topic we have already touched upon but keeps popping up: We’re currently not looking into immediate team expansion. We most likely will, at some point, but for the moment, no solid plans. Still, we thank everyone interested in collaborating with us, and we assure you that once we know the game’s specific needs related to workforce, we’ll be making any pertinent announcements through this website and our twitter, so please keep following!

As always, thanks to everyone for your interest in our little project.

We loves you.