Backers’ Beta NDA Lifted

Backers’ Beta NDA lifted

Hi again, everyone.

As promised, today’s update marks the end of the NDA period of the TFH Backers’ Beta. Builds released September 15, 2017 and after (all the way until the Game’s release candidate hits) are able to be freely streamed, recorded, screen-captured and played at conventions/tournaments/ events by crowdfund backers using their Steam accounts. You guys can also review the game if you want, but please keep in mind that the current state does not entirely reflect the final product, so please put in a disclaimer that reviews are of an unfinished beta build.

Builds previous to September 15 are still subject to the Non-Disclosure Agreement & End User License Agreement that you guys agreed to when first opening the game, so footage from said builds shouldn’t be streamed, screencaped, published or otherwise shared with the general public, unless done so with the formal consent of Mane6, in specific ways and media as set in a written agreement. (i.e. Ask first. We’re likely to deny most requests unless for very specific purposes, though.)

From here on, we start on what scientists call “the final crunch”, quickly iterating game versions, adding missing frames/animations, unlocking options/features, tweaking the final bits of balance (e.g. arcade mode), and giving an all-around polish pass. Critical & major issues have been mostly defeated (knock on wood), and thus we can move on to the lower priority stuff and the shredding of cardboard.

Your feebdack at this point is very important. What you like, what you think’s a bit over or undertuned, what feels a bit awkward, and any oddities you notice. All of it, let us have it on the forums, so we can finetune things all around.

1.0 release, as also mentioned previously, should be happening before 2018. Specific Release Date TBA. It will include at the very least, feature wise:

  • All 6 starting characters fully done, voiced, animated and playable.
  • Local and Online (Lobby room based) Multiplayer VS
  • Arcade Mode
  • Combo Trials
  • Target Practice
  • Survival mode
  • Training Room
  • Arizona’s and Velvet’s Pixel Lobby stages.
  • The first Pixel Lobby dungeon fully implemented (“The Salt Mines”, in Arizona’s Pixel Lobby stage)
  • The first episode of the TFH Story Mode, introducing the world of Foenum and featuring Arizona’s start in the quest to save Foenum from the Predators.

We hope you like what you see, and once again thank you for sticking with us.

<3 – M6​