725k: The final frontier.

Edit: FUNDED! =)

Give us a bit to get out of our lack-of-words-at-the-awesomess-that-is-you-guys and we’ll post something wordier =3

Hello again, folks!

As you might know already, the Skullgirls’ Indiegogo campaign is now in the final stretch, time and money wise. With a bit over 33 hours to go at the moment of this post, the Skullgirls Indiegogo campaign has reached over 650k in crowdfunding, which means that

a) People are awesome
b) Skullgirls gets moar funding
c) Our shot at getting the Z-engine to use in our game for free is now closer than ever!

Having said that, we’d like to again invite people to keep on donating and spreading the word, not only because we get the engine at 725k, but also because the guys over at LabZero are FREAKING AWESOME and deserve all the support they can get. Also because they announced earlier on twitter they’d make a playable Robo-Fortune (which by definition has to be the awesomest Fortune ever) also at the 725k goal mark. So that’s not one, but TWO reasons to get it there, now! You can donate to them by clicking the site’s temporary header, by going to this link, or by clicking on the nifty widget in our sidebar.

We’d also like to, once again, thank everyone still supporting us (And Labzero), and donating to the Indiegogo campaign to make their game grow, and to give ours a chance to grow too!, We really can’t say enough how happy we’re to have such a great fanbase! You guys rock!

On related news, the last Salty Cupcakes stream before the Indiegogo campaign reaches its end is happening tonight at 8PM PST on this link!, we’d recommend y’all jumped in there; You can ask the Skullgirls team some questions about their game, and you can also fraternize and interact with the Skullgirls community, which are great people to talk with if you’re a fighting game fan, or if you would like to get introduced into the wonderful world of beating the candy out of people in fighting games.

Oh, and last, but not least: We were given this link by a friend of a friend, to what we’re assured ain’t a doomsday countdown, but a live-updated measure of how much time is left to reach the 725k goal, how much has been reached so far, and the average money-per-minute rate needed to 725k before the time’s up. We don’t know what sorcery this is, but it sure is neat!

Once again, thanks to everyone donating, to everyone spreading the word, and to everyone supporting us (and Labzero!)

We loves you guys.