Fourth Stream scheduled and high tiers updated at our IGG campaign

Hey again everyone!

We’re on the final stretch of the crowdfund now, with a bit under one week to go, and we’re nearly 80% of the way to the goal! If you’ve been holding onto your wallet for that last minute rush of adrenaline in making the goal mark, now it’s the time to throw it at your screen, or better yet, to click on the pledge button to help make Them’s Fightin’ Herds a reality and even get some nifty backer rewards in turn.

To keep the ball rolling, we’d like to invite everyone to our fourth game/work progress livestream, where Omari will be working a bit more in the game, and Lauren will be making another appearance to answer questions and have a chat with Jay and the stream.

This fourth stream will happen tomorrow, Friday October 16, at the usual time (4PM PT/7PM ET), in our twitch channel. Don’t miss it!

We’d also like to let everyone know we’ve restocked a couple of the high-level tiers:

Champion of Foenum Mk2 includes every unlimited reward, a doodle by Lauren Faust, the opportunity to have your original character to make it into the world by becoming a unique lobby sprite that only you can use, and a 13 inch, certified original, certified exclusive, certified plush toy of your favourite Them’s Fightin’ Herds character, made by buttercupbabyppg. There are 3 of these bundles available, and this tier will NOT be restocked again (since there’s just so much time and effort that can be made to manufacture the plushes in time and with the superb quality she’s known for!), so if you were waiting to make your move getting one of the Mk1 plushes, and were just a teeny bit late, this is your chance! Grab them now before they’re gone!


Custodian of Worlds Mk2 is the ultimate pledge reward. Every unlimited reward is available in this pack, as are all the limited digital rewards (create an accessory and palette, get your original character as a background character and a unique lobby sprite, and a Lauren Faust doodle), and a personal, good-for-one-person invite to a chat with Mane6 (including Lauren Faust!), and a digitally-colored sketch of your favourite TFH ungulate (or your OC ungulateified to fit in TFH) made by Lauren Faust. 6 of these bundles are available, and much like Champion of Foenum, will NOT be restocked once they’re gone, so pledge now!