Mane6 Work Stream #12 – Announcement

Usually, the monthly stream would be happening on a Friday. Most of the times, weirdly, it’d also happen to conflict with one thing or the other (tournaments, holidays, earthquakes, birthdays, whathaveyous), meaning that we’d (inadvertently) make it so some people couldn’t attend.


This time, we came prepared (we didn’t)!

Since Friday happens to be one day after the giving of thanks (thank you) in the United States, and given most of the devteam happens to be located in the US, and thus most likely will be either engaged in fistfighting old fragile grannies out of a 90% discounted 50-inch flat-screen TV on a sale, or completely out cold due to overingestion of turkey-based food, we shifted it along a bit. For this one and only time, we’ll be streaming on Monday instead. Let’s see how that goes.

The Mane6 Work Stream (XII) for November will be happening on Monday 28 of November, at 3pm Pacific time, on our usual place (read: the Twitch channel). See you there!