Mane6 Work Stream #17 and important crowdfund rewards information

The April work stream is now a thing that exists (or will exist). It’ll happen Friday, April 21, 3pm PDT at our twitch channel.

It’s also very possible this will be the last work stream before release, barring unforeseen circumstances, given that by the time the next one’s meant to roll around, we’ll be either in the middle of Backers’ Beta, or preparing for release, and be unable to have a stream then.

And since we’re already talking about Backers’ Beta, a notification to everyone, but most specially to people on the $40 tiers and above: Backers’ Beta is coming, hopefully before the end of the month. Can’t give you a specific date yet, because we need to submit build to Steam and get a pre-flight check done by Valve. That said, it’s most certainly not happening before (or on) this weekend. Next week-ish sounds more certain. We’ll let you know if there’s any act-of-god level delays.

If you’re in the $40 tier and above and you haven’t made a forum account yet, we recommend you do so, as that’s where we’ll be taking feedback and bug reports. If you previously made an account, you should be already setup for Backers Beta; If not, take a look at this forum thread, which includes a mini-FAQ on the Backers’ Beta.

And for everyone, but particularly people on physical tiers: Complete survey lockdown will be happening on Wednesday, April 26. That means no new survey answers will be accepted (stragglers, get in here) until after game release, and no changes to shipping address for physicals either.

Please make sure that your shipping address is correct IN THE BACKERKIT SYSTEM. If there are discrepancies between your Indiegogo/Backerit addresses, we’ll be shipping to the Backerkit one (even if you updated your IGG address at a later date than you filled your survey), so make sure all your information is correct and matches between the two places so your rewards arrive to the proper place.

Likewise, if you’ve not answered to your Backerkit survey, we will be unable to send your rewards in the same batch as everyone else’s, and you’ll need to wait until after game release to fill your responses, and even longer to get your physical rewards, so please make sure you’ve given us all your info!

Thanks once again to everyone for backing the project. We’re pretty excited to be so close to let you all get your hands on the game! (and your reward swag, too!)