Mane6 Work StreamS X: Anniversary Edition

Oooh boy, it’s been one year…ish, since the crowdfund started. Time flies. Let’s have us something special for the occasion, shall we?

Mane6 Work Stream X.1: Twitch Plays TFH


Starting with this! – Last time we did a Twitch Plays TFH session (during the crowdfund’s final moments), we had parts of arizona and velvet working. Now we have parts… most… some… of all six main characters ready to go, for at least 3 times the crowd sourced shenanigans!

Join us on our twitch channel next Wednesday, September 21, at 3pm pacific time for some multiplayer fun, followed by…

Mane6 Work Stream X.2: Anniversary Edition


Which will be happening on Friday September 23, also at 3pm and also on our twitch channel. We’ll be streaming some work progress, probably doing some stuff live, and we’ll also be joined by Lauren Faust, who’ll be staying for an hour or so to talk about the game, the story mode, a bit of lore and whatever else we come up with on the spot. Don’t miss it!