New and restocked pledge tiers on the crowdfund campaign.

All new pledge-tiers!

You guys are SO awesome, that most of the limited-tier rewards ran out in ONE DAY. That’s plenty awesome! But since there are still people out there wanting to get in on the four-legged ungulate-behind kicking action, we took a look at our pledge tiers and managed to squeeze in a few additional bundles and a couple new tiers for you guys to pledge at!

$55 – Spirit of the Plains (Unlimited)

The Spirit of the Plains pledge reward tier includes all the rewards from the Guardian Sheepdog tier, and also includes a new perk: A new, unique in-game flair (which shows on your portrait/character name while in a fight) and a lobby accessory pack to start your adventures in Fœnum in style!

With this update, all backer tiers from Spirit of the Plains and above will be receiving the new, unique in-game flair and lobby accessory pack! If you’ve already pledged to any tier over $55, you don’t need to do anything, since this stuff is already included (and remember that you can upgrade your pledge at any time and select the upgraded backer rewards!).

$410 – Cattlekind Pioneer (Digital Only. Limited: 36 bundles available)

Cattlekind Pioneer is a new digital-only pledge reward tier. It includes all of the unlimited digital rewards (wallpapers, backer credit, backer palette, digital gallery, in-game flair, and the Complete Recordings Edition of the soundtrack), and adds extra perks to it. With the Cattlekind Pioneer pledge tier, you can get your OC as a lobby sprite, create a unique lobby accessory and , and you can create a palette for your favourite Them’s Fightin’ Herds character.

This tier is limited to 36 bundles, and it’s digital only. No shipping required!

We’re also opening up another batch of the Winter Sprite (+18 bundles), Reindeer Viking (+18 bundles), Horned Guru (+8 bundles), and Huoshan Captain (+8 bundles) as well. So if you’d like in on those, act fast, cause they might be gone before soon!

Lauren Faust bonus quick doodles and upgraded sketch

We’re adding a new reward to ALL of the limited tiers $250 and over: a small, quick doodle by Lauren Faust! We’re also upgrading the detailed sketch reward in the Custodian of Worlds tier to a colored sketch. Some of the higher end tiers don’t mention it specifically on the sidebar but rest assured the doodle is included. As a reminder, be sure to read the legal caveat regarding custom content at the end of the backer rewards.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about the crowdfund campaign and our greenlight one too! – The social media icons in the side of the screen will help you spread the word.

Thanks to everyone for your support, and let’s continue making Them’s Fightin’ Herds a reality!