Work Stream #1 and progress report

Mane6 – Work Stream #1

Wow, it’s been a month since the crowdfund ended already?

Alright, fess up, who broke time? It was yesterday just yesterday!

In any case, we’d like to tell you guys we have our first work stream scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday 21, at 3PM PDT in the Mane6 Twitch channel. (

This will be a very casual work stream, in which Jay (and maybe Omari) will be working on game stuff of the modeling and/or scripting kind; It’s meant more for hanging out with you guys and showing some of our progress as it happens than to show new and finished stuff. We’ll still have streams for major milestones and showcases of new characters, of course!… but let’s take it one stream at a time.

So mark your calendars, get your alarms goin’, and get ready to picnic with us in the stream.

And if you’re interested in more detailed reports of what has been going on, keep reading!

On the Administrative side

Things are still moving; And as we learned from the time used on establishing the company before the crowdfund, when it comes to the legal flavour of things, there’s a lot of back and forth required. Currently, we’re setting up the sort of things that we could not get set up until we had a solid, set-in-stone budget to work with, such as contractor agreements, NDAs, licensing deals, how we’re going to be paying people and for the game expenses (it’s not as easy as just sending the money, tax records wise)… All that sort of stuff.

While the main team has kept on working on the game proper, and full time since the funds arrived to the company’s paypal accounts, these things have been happening on the side to help set up the foundation for the development cycle. Right now, our priority lies on getting the team settled in with the company (speaking in terms of legalese stuff), after which we’ll be looking into the direction of licensing (Fmod, GGPO, etc) and contractors (A Sound Designer, mainly), and on to the other expenses we need to cover in the immediate future. Forums come in this zone, as well. We’re sorry it’s been taking this long to get things set up, but right now it’s very important for the game progress that the agreements and contractings get handled as a priority. We’re still working to get this done as fast as possible.

Tianhuo’s Lore

… is still coming!; We’re (once again) sorry it didn’t come out when we first intended; We’ve been going back and forth on it, making some revisions and a few changes, and making sure we’re all happy with it. We’re not going to say a specific date it’ll be coming, since there’s still the update’s art to get done, but we’re pretty sure it’ll be soon rather than “soon”


  • Stream Saturday 21, 3pm PDT, on the M6 Twitch channel.
  • Mane6 working full time in game.
  • Legalese stuff happening.
    • Things need to be set up so we can start paying people/buying things.
    • Priorities: Team Setup>Licensing/Contractors>Other Expenses
  • Tianhuo’s lore: Incoming (Hair continues to be on fire)