Crowdfund money is in!

Who likes good news?, everyone?

Then good news, everyone!

After a constant drip (more like a pour, really) of individual paypal e-mails (over 10,000 over the course of a week. That was fun), the totality of the Indiegogo funds (sans the Indiegogo and paypal fees, of course) is now in the Mane6 paypal account. From paypal, 95% of the money will be moved into the company’s bank account, which will be taking a couple of days, and from there, it’ll start being distributed as we start covering the expenses, contracting the people required and making the necessary payments for licensing and purchase of materials.

In other words: Mane6 is now working full time on Them’s Fightin’ Herds, and our planned 18 months development cycle can officially begin.

In the short term, that means three things:

One, we can start setting up the backers forums soon. Backers will receive an e-mail at the same address they’re using for Indiegogo later on the month explaining the signup process for the forums.

Two, we can also contract the third party company (Backerkit), which will be helping us with the delivery of digital rewards once they’re up for distribution, as well as to coordinate stuff with the physical-rewards distribution company at the end of 2016/start of 2017 when those are ready to go.

And three, that life-sized, golden-plated ice-reindeer sculpture we were not buying with the crowdfund money remains unbought. Hooray!

In the middle to long term, it means that the team can and will focus their entire attention on making Them’s Fightin’ Herds as good and as soon as it can be. Lauren and Jay are still employed at their current jobs as we had mentioned before, but for everyone else, TFH is now a full-time commitment. Updates on the progress of the game’s development will be coming at regular intervals through our main site (and the forums), and in the social media sites for small, snack-sized tidbits and peeks at whatever we’re working on at the moment.

For the interested parties: We still haven’t settled down on how we’ll be handling the voice acting for the game, and are currently not accepting unsolicited submissions, terribly sorry. Once we know how that will work, we’ll let you know how, when and where to apply through the main site. Prospective VAs MUST be able to work in and commute to the Los Angeles area, or have access to their own professional-grade equipment/studio to record in. There are currently no job openings in any other areas of development, but if anything happens there, we’ll let you all know through the main site as well.

In other news, Lauren is now working on Tianhuo’s Book of Lore entry. This will be the final Book of Lore entry for a while (but we might bring the Book back out later for more worldbuilding!), and should be coming up to the M6 site by the end of the week.

We’re still looking at streams and their scheduling. Once or twice a month seems right for a starter point, and we’ll be letting you know when the next one is happening as soon as we have settled on a date.

Also!, in a bit of a more personal note; Our friends at Labzero (who allowed us the use of their z-engine), are currently in the last 5 days of their own crowdfund for their latest game, an RPG named Indivisible; if you’d like to support an awesome team of indie game developers, go take a look at their crowdfund!

(Also triple clarification here: Mane6 isn’t affiliated to Labzero, and/or getting any funds from their IGG campaign. They’re our friends, and we think their proposed game sounds pretty cool, so we’re just giving them a shoutout)

M6 out for now, and back to workin’ on making Them’s Fightin’ Herds a reality!


  • IGG Money is now in the M6 account.
  • IGG & Paypal Fees were discounted (about a 10% of the funds, combined)
  • Funds are moving into the M6 bank account so that necessary expenses can be made.
  • Backers Forums coming soon.
  • Wallpapers also coming soon.
  • Mane6 now working full time on the game.
  • Tianhuo’s Lore will be coming up at the end of the week soon. Her hair is on fire.