M6V3 – WordPress powered

Aaaand we’re live!… I think.

If you’re reading this post, you’re browsing the new Mane6 V3 site, now powered by WordPress, instead of Blogger. Ain’t this nicer?

So!, take a look around, get acquainted with the place, drop a comment…

The Disqus comment system is already turned on here at M6V3, but old comments in previous posts won’t be appearing for a couple days. That’s normal. No need to panic there, and if you absolutely must panic, please panic in a quiet and ordered manner. Thank you!


If you catch any bug or broken bit of code, a screencap uploaded to imgur and a comment in this post should catch my attention, and I’ll get it fixed ASAP. Other than that, welcome to M6V3!

 – Anu

 p.s. Oh, also!, we have a facebook page now. Throw us a like if you also book face.