The Big One

It took longer than we expected, but we have conquered the trademark system with our mighty battle-lawyers. Losses were heavy, the cost was high, but we’re finally ready to announce the big news. “Them’s Fightin’ Herds” will be crowdfunding through Indiegogo in less than one month. We’re aiming for a September 21st start date. We […]

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The Joy of Palettes 2: Multi-coloured Lineart

A new engine, and new possibilities. When starting fresh with a new engine, we explored a bunch of possibilities, both mechanically and aesthetically. As we were learning how to work with the Z-Engine to make the base for our game, we were also drafting how the game would look; What cues we wanted to preserve […]

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Social Media roundup and a bit of news.

Ooh boy, this place got a bit dustier than we expected. But here we are again, and this time, instead of apologizing for the lateness and making promises of things to come, we actually HAVE the things to come at hand. If you have been following M6 through one of our social media places, you […]

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Mane6, Inc.

Q: So!, It’s mid May now. What have you guys been doing?, Why the long silence? A: Well, that’s actually a pretty good example on why we don’t usually give out very specific dates: Stuff has a very constant tendency to go FUBAR when we do. We’ve been wrestling the procedures to get the legalese […]

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Friendly Reminder

The Mane6 Devteam would like to give the general public a reminder that, as of February 1, 2013, we are not in any way involved, affiliated or related to the development, distribution or promotion of any material related or belonging to the MY LITTLE PONY IP. As previously informed to the public through our site, […]

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M6V3 – WordPress powered

Aaaand we’re live!… I think. If you’re reading this post, you’re browsing the new Mane6 V3 site, now powered by WordPress, instead of Blogger. Ain’t this nicer? So!, take a look around, get acquainted with the place, drop a comment… The Disqus comment system is already turned on here at M6V3, but old comments in […]

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2013: An ungulate Odyssey – 2014: Ungulates strike back

2013 – The year in review Has it really been one year since we started this project already? Well, technically it’s one year in February (or April), depending on when you start counting, but let’s pretend it has been one year for now, shall we? Back in February 2013, our first project, “Fighting is Magic”, […]

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Just a small reminder

Hello everyone! Just a small reminder that we’re: a) not dead and b) still working on this. And that you can check out (or follow, if you want!) our twitter to catch small bite sized updates that don’t warrant a full article in this site! For example, this is a thing I was working on […]

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Progress Update and Fighting Games Symposium 2013

Hello everyone! It’s been some time since our last post in the site. Things backstage, however, have been quite active; We’d like to thank everyone for the continued patience and support, and for sticking with us through the pre-production stage of the game. This post serves two purposes. First, to assure everyone that we’re still […]

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Polygon Article and general update

Hey everybody! The team just got an article over at Polygon, with comments from CoreDev (including Lauren) where we talk a bit about the past, the present and the future of the team. You can go read it by clicking on the header image, or via this link! You can also take a look at […]

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Engine get and three short stories

You guys rock! Well, turns out it took us a whole two (or is it three?) days to get over the initial shock, surprise and excitement at Skullgirls’ Indiegogo campaign having reached the 725k mark (And beyond!), but we’re back with a (mostly text) update of what’s going on and what comes up next. But […]

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725k: The final frontier.

Edit: FUNDED! =) Give us a bit to get out of our lack-of-words-at-the-awesomess-that-is-you-guys and we’ll post something wordier =3 Hello again, folks! As you might know already, the Skullgirls’ Indiegogo campaign is now in the final stretch, time and money wise. With a bit over 33 hours to go at the moment of this post, […]

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Skullgirls engine FAQ + teaser

Hey everyone! We’re gonna go over some of the questions regarding the Skullgirls engine licensing drive that’s going on RIGHT NOW. Won’t this be a tonne more work? The bulk of the work (and as labzero can tell you) is going to be art. Concepts, poses, animating, stages, gui. Music, sounds, voices. All of that […]

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Skullgirls engine and the game’s future

Hello everybody. Small bit of news: We’re still in game pre-production. Progress is being done. Lauren is still freakin’ awesome. Also! Some of you guys have been mailing or tweeting us in relation to Mike Z and the Labzero team’s offer to let us use the Skullgirls engine. For those of you not yet in […]

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C&D Megapost

Well hello. Sorry it’s taken a while to update everyone on this! A quick summary: Yes, development on MLP:Fighting is Magic has stopped for now, per Hasbro’s request. Yes, we have tried contacting people about the possibility of squirming out from under the C&D, or triumphantly throwing it off as it smashes into a thousand […]

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