Following up from our previous news post, at last here is the announcement for our brand new tournament!

Grand Stampede is an international online tournament for Them’s Fightin’ Herds, hosted by Mane6. This event is a celebration of TFH, how far it’s come, and all that we’ve built together with our players, both in the game itself and the surrounding community space.

Grand Stampede will take place across two days from August 8 – 9. There will be no entry fee and no participant cap. The event will be streamed on Mane6’s Twitch channel:

To be eligible for registration, you must be located in one of the following regions: North AmericaCentral AmericaSouth America, or Europe (including Russia). There will be one bracket for the entire event across all eligible regions. There will be one Grand Champion.

While the event is international, we unfortunately do not have the resources to make the event global while still maintaining a quality experience for viewers and participants. We selected eligible regions based on a number of factors: where our players are concentrated, the distance between them, the time zones they’re in, and the logistical bandwidth of our crew. To our players located in Asia, we recommend you check out the quality regional tournaments organized by BananaSoup.

For prizes, everyone in top 8 will receive a physical medal engraved with their handle and place in the tournament (that means we’ll need shipping info if you get that far). The top 3 will each receive an exclusive ingame trophy hat to wear in the Pixel Lobby, reflecting their place (bronze, silver, or gold). Our Grand Champion will receive a special prize: we’ll add a custom palette to the game for one character credited to and designed by you (subject to technical and legal constraints, of course).

Signups are open now. Head over to to register. Please read ALL of the rules! You must join the tournament Discord server in order to participate! And… good luck! We’ll see you in a few weeks.