TFH: Situation Update

Long delayed hello, everyone!

As you might have noticed, TFH hasn’t hit the expected 1.0 milestone yet.

Due to the same row of heavy “RL” reasons mentioned before, (the details of which you don’t really want to hear, but include some really heavy RL issues for some of our Devs), we continue to be down three people in our development team for long periods of time.

We’ve attempted to patch part of these holes by putting out a call for a pixel artist to cover the major delay on story mode (art placeholders), but we’ve yet to hire one. We’ve got a couple of people who applied to us whose stuff we’ve really liked, but which haven’t yet replied to our e-mails. Applicants, if you’re reading this, please check your inbox and spam folders! We might be trying to contact you. All of this is putting the story mode on hold for far longer than we expected and far more than what we’d have liked. Hopefully we can steer that particular situation back on track soon, as the hiring of said artist would help us finish the remaining elements needed AND free other people to work on additional things we’ve been holding down the priority list for some time.

That said, the remainder of the team has still been working hard these past few weeks, as we strive to get those features which do not require our MIA developers to get completed working and out of the gate.

You might have already seen a couple of glimpses of the upcoming features here and there in Beta and Anu’s worklogs, but here’s a slightly more detailed breakdown of what’s coming to TFH in the near-immediate future.



We’ve been working hard to supply Oleander with the time and the crayons to teach you how to fight, and building the framework that’ll allow us to create and easily iterate on lessons across many fighting game concepts, with some light target practice and obstacle courses to reinforce all you have learned.


Ranked Matchmaking

Soon, we will have standard matchmaking features to pair up similarly skilled players with a more ‘competitive’ scoring system. In addition, a casual levelling system that is always active as you play online (ranked or not) will provide unlockable hats and palettes at certain milestones. Performance within each match, fighting against tougher opponents and other challenges provide xp bonuses to push you even further!


Pixel Dungeon 2.0

Salt mines. Now even saltier.

We wish to keep most of this stuff a surprise, but we’re pretty excited for this release. In addition to the PvE element, we’ve added more cooperative play to unlock hats and intercept predators. We’re also putting in some interesting little items to make dungeon fights more stylish and silly.


Character Intros/Outros

Characters will no longer stand still while the fightin’ starts happenin’ – New animations for Intros/Outros are coming to the game.


…And an apology

In addition to the things mentioned above, we’d like to apologize for the breakdown in general communications; we’ve been active and communicating with the playerbase through a couple of the discord community channels, as well as pulling some of the most active people in the game for gathering feedback on these new features and on the already existing ones. Discord has been really helpful for quick, direct feedback and feature implementation, but has given off a perception of silence to the general public. As things are now closer to their initial public iteration, we’re going to be posting more often to the general community via our official forums, the social media places and the Steam community forums.

As always, we’d like to thank you guys for continuing to stick with us through the rough patches.

– M6.

Status Update. Dec ’17

Hello! My goodness it’s been a while. Wow look at you! Have you lost/gained weight? No? Well, it suits you! Some people can’t pull that look off but you make it work. Lose the hat though.

First off, we have to apologise for the delay. Again. We’ve apologised a few times now, we know. It’s no easier to apologise this time. We know that delays are not a positive thing for you all to hear but it’s better than the nothing that we’ve been saying for the past month. We need to make sure we continue to fulfil our responsibility to you and feel that we’ve been failing in that.

So, for many reasons, Feb 2018 will be when everyone can buy and play TFH. Why has it taken so long? Mainly resourcing. Which is a PR way of saying: Jay causing bottlenecks by having way less time-on-product than was needed, team members who we thought would be working on certain parts have had to work on other parts while still needing to work on the first parts, something very scary about accountants, the personal lives having hiccups, managing the closed beta. Many things.



Closed beta!

The closed beta is happening! The closed beta has been INCREDIBLY valuable, more so than we predicted. That’s PR speak for boy oh boy did people find lots of things they wanted to change/fix that we also wanted to change/fix. So we got to change/fixing them. If you were part of the closed beta, know that you made the game better.


We’ve had a bit of a dry spell for the past… *checks watch* month due to the issues listed above. We’re also working on some items that are very “all or nothing” in terms of release (ie: story mode). Never fear though, we will be returning to regular technical and gameplay updates soon. Not Soon™, but just regular old ‘soon’. Very soon as a matter of fact. We’re working on polishing all the existing features in the game to make the play experience as smooth as possible.


We recorded voices for all our characters! With help from our Voice Director, the talented Cristina Vee. This was another new process for all of us and Cristina was very patient with us and made it as easy is it could be given the circumstances. More details soon.

For business as usual we’ve been adding and refining features to the game. It’s going to be a blast to play and we can’t wait for everyone to get the chance. For the backers, stay turned into our worklogs for updates on how production is going.

We’ll talk more soon!

Backers’ Beta NDA Lifted

Backers’ Beta NDA lifted

Hi again, everyone.

As promised, today’s update marks the end of the NDA period of the TFH Backers’ Beta. Builds released September 15, 2017 and after (all the way until the Game’s release candidate hits) are able to be freely streamed, recorded, screen-captured and played at conventions/tournaments/ events by crowdfund backers using their Steam accounts. You guys can also review the game if you want, but please keep in mind that the current state does not entirely reflect the final product, so please put in a disclaimer that reviews are of an unfinished beta build.

Builds previous to September 15 are still subject to the Non-Disclosure Agreement & End User License Agreement that you guys agreed to when first opening the game, so footage from said builds shouldn’t be streamed, screencaped, published or otherwise shared with the general public, unless done so with the formal consent of Mane6, in specific ways and media as set in a written agreement. (i.e. Ask first. We’re likely to deny most requests unless for very specific purposes, though.)

From here on, we start on what scientists call “the final crunch”, quickly iterating game versions, adding missing frames/animations, unlocking options/features, tweaking the final bits of balance (e.g. arcade mode), and giving an all-around polish pass. Critical & major issues have been mostly defeated (knock on wood), and thus we can move on to the lower priority stuff and the shredding of cardboard.

Your feebdack at this point is very important. What you like, what you think’s a bit over or undertuned, what feels a bit awkward, and any oddities you notice. All of it, let us have it on the forums, so we can finetune things all around.

1.0 release, as also mentioned previously, should be happening before 2018. Specific Release Date TBA. It will include at the very least, feature wise:

  • All 6 starting characters fully done, voiced, animated and playable.
  • Local and Online (Lobby room based) Multiplayer VS
  • Arcade Mode
  • Combo Trials
  • Target Practice
  • Survival mode
  • Training Room
  • Arizona’s and Velvet’s Pixel Lobby stages.
  • The first Pixel Lobby dungeon fully implemented (“The Salt Mines”, in Arizona’s Pixel Lobby stage)
  • The first episode of the TFH Story Mode, introducing the world of Foenum and featuring Arizona’s start in the quest to save Foenum from the Predators.

We hope you like what you see, and once again thank you for sticking with us.

<3 – M6​

How to Find and Redeem your Beta key in 12 easy steps.

How to Find and Redeem your Beta key in 12 easy steps.

A guide for Backers’ Beta Testers.

Hi! As you know, the Them’s Fightin’ Herds Beta started on May 25. As of May 26, the system is telling us that all the keys have been generated and distributed, but if by any reason your key e-mail got lost in transit, eaten by your spam folder, or disappeared into the aether, we have this simple guide to help you recover it.

Step 1.

Click this link. It will take you to the TFH Backerkit homepage.

Step 2.

You will land in a page that looks like this:

Note the red squared zone at the bottom. Input your indiegogo-bound e-mail in the box, and press “get my survey”

Step 3.

Once you have pressed the “get my survey” button, you’ll get a notice on the top right of the page.

Step 4.

Go to your e-mail. You should have an e-mail similar to this one

If the e-mail isn’t in your inbox, check your spam/junk folders. If you still can’t find it, make sure that the origin e-mail ( is whitelisted. Once you’ve got the mail, click on the “follow this link” text,

Step 5.

That brings you to backerkit again. Your landing page looks somewhat like this. Click on “Get your Digital Downloads”

Step 6.

That brings you to this page.

Step 7.

Scroll down all the way to the bottom. Wham. One Backers’ Beta key should sit there, where the box of pixels is in the screencap above.

Step 8.

Copy your key, and open Steam. On the top left, find the “games” menu.

Alternatively, in the Library view, on the bottom left there’s a menu called “+ ADD A GAME”.

In either of those, select “Activate a Product on Steam”

Step 9.

This will open. click next.

Step 10.

It’ll ask you to Accept the Steam Agreement. Read it carefully, then press “I agree”

Step 11.

Here’s where you enter the key that you acquired in Step 7. Press Next.

Step 12.

You done!, Install the game, read the NDA/EULA carefully, and join us ingame!

Please note that by joining us on this Beta, you’re accepting the terms set forth in the EULA, which include a restriction on sharing screenshots, footage, gameplay or specific information about the Beta builds to the general public.

If you breach the NDA, your Beta Key will be revoked, and you won’t be able to take further part in the Beta.

If you want to talk about the game, or to report any bugs, errors or glitches, please JOIN OUR FORUMS. We have a Beta Section specially dedicated to that.

Thank you for backing, and we hope to see you ingame very soon!

Backers’ Beta Started!​

Sorry for the delay!

Beta’s officially starting at 11:38pm, May 25 PT, so we’re still within the deadline, technically <.<

Backers in the $40 and above tiers should start seeing e-mails in their inboxes from the backerkit system, including a steam-redeemable key. To use it, please go to your steam account, then the games menu up top, and click on “Activate a product on Steam” and enter your key!

See you in game!

Them’s Fightin’ Herds: Backers’ Beta starts May 25

Good news everyone!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally at hand.

Backers Beta begins* on Thursday, May 25 PT.

*Subject to slight time variation due to circumstances out of our control, like Steam’s key distribution/approval system (i.e. not “midnight” or something)

So there you have it. Watch the universe spontaneously combust now we’ve given a date.

Also, have a FAQ.

Q: Beta when?
A: May 25.

Q: Beta who?
A: Backers on $40 tiers and above. Upgrading tiers isn’t available at this time (and unlikely to be in the future)

Q: Beta where?
A: Steam. Valid Steam account + online connection required. Windows PC Only. Mac/Linux beta happening post windows release.

Q: Beta what?
A: Training Mode, Local /Online Multiplayer, and Lobbies will be available.

Q: Minimum requirements?
A: Pretty open! Beta will help us find out how elastic they are before giving hard reqs for release. Here’s some (conservative) baselines.

  • Dual-core CPU (2 GHz or greater speed)
  • DirectX 9C capable graphics card* (DirectX 10 capable card recommended**)
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 ***
  • 2 GB available space
  • Broadband Internet connection
  • 2 GB RAM (3 GB recommended)

*lowest tested card: Intel Core i3 550 Integrated graphics chipset
**If your computer is less than 7 years old, it probably has a DirectX 10 ready card)
***Windows XP/Vista may work, but we have not tested on these platforms. We will be testing for compatability thoughout beta.

Q: How long will beta last?
A: Undefined. Until we’ve achieved a stable enough release.

A: Yes. Partially.

Q: Meaning?
A: During the first few days of beta (or more, or less, depending) players will be subject to an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), which means you’re not allowed to share screenshots or videos, stream gameplay, etcetera. You’re required to agree to the NDA in order to participate in the Backers’ Beta. Accounts breaching the NDA will forfeit access to Backers’ Beta. Once the NDA period ends, (we’ll let you know when), these restrictions will be lifted.

Q: Keys where?
A: If you qualify for Backers’ Beta, you’ll get a steam-redeemable key when it starts via e-mail from backerkit system.

Q: Bug reports where?
A: Our forum. (You’ll need upgraded account to view the Beta sections. Beta Tester account upgrade might take up to 24hours after registering, so please register before beta!)

Need more details? got questions? Hit us up in the forums!

Mane6 Work Stream #17 and important crowdfund rewards information

The April work stream is now a thing that exists (or will exist). It’ll happen Friday, April 21, 3pm PDT at our twitch channel.

It’s also very possible this will be the last work stream before release, barring unforeseen circumstances, given that by the time the next one’s meant to roll around, we’ll be either in the middle of Backers’ Beta, or preparing for release, and be unable to have a stream then.

And since we’re already talking about Backers’ Beta, a notification to everyone, but most specially to people on the $40 tiers and above: Backers’ Beta is coming, hopefully before the end of the month. Can’t give you a specific date yet, because we need to submit build to Steam and get a pre-flight check done by Valve. That said, it’s most certainly not happening before (or on) this weekend. Next week-ish sounds more certain. We’ll let you know if there’s any act-of-god level delays.

If you’re in the $40 tier and above and you haven’t made a forum account yet, we recommend you do so, as that’s where we’ll be taking feedback and bug reports. If you previously made an account, you should be already setup for Backers Beta; If not, take a look at this forum thread, which includes a mini-FAQ on the Backers’ Beta.

And for everyone, but particularly people on physical tiers: Complete survey lockdown will be happening on Wednesday, April 26. That means no new survey answers will be accepted (stragglers, get in here) until after game release, and no changes to shipping address for physicals either.

Please make sure that your shipping address is correct IN THE BACKERKIT SYSTEM. If there are discrepancies between your Indiegogo/Backerit addresses, we’ll be shipping to the Backerkit one (even if you updated your IGG address at a later date than you filled your survey), so make sure all your information is correct and matches between the two places so your rewards arrive to the proper place.

Likewise, if you’ve not answered to your Backerkit survey, we will be unable to send your rewards in the same batch as everyone else’s, and you’ll need to wait until after game release to fill your responses, and even longer to get your physical rewards, so please make sure you’ve given us all your info!

Thanks once again to everyone for backing the project. We’re pretty excited to be so close to let you all get your hands on the game! (and your reward swag, too!)

Work Stream #16 – Archive

Archive, now up on youtube.

Good news, bad news, stream news.

The Good News (everyone!)


The good news is: The game’s pretty far along.

Mechanically, the game’s pretty complete: Things work, things fight, things get knocked out. UI’s pretty much done, pending a revision pass, and the stages are mostly there as well. The cardboard cutout shaped holes continue to be filled animation wise, and visual effects are now being added. Sounds are mostly in, music should be fully implemented shortly, and the missing pieces of the puzzle are falling into place: In short, game’s almost done. You can see the progress in our worklogs at the Backers’ Section of our forums, or on our monthly workstreams (more on that later).

The (Sorta) Bad News, mixed in with some good news.


…Now Here’s the “bad” news: “Almost done” isn’t “done” enough.

In our original plan, we’d be starting the Backers’ Beta Mid March, and work our release date from there, with the Beta’s duration depending on the volume and intensity of feedback, and with our 1.0 date set a month-ish or so after, but as you can see, Mid march kind of just happened.

So why did beta not start yet…?

On one hand, some people who have worked on large creative projects will say that things often take longer than one would think. We expected this and gave ourselves extra time for our estimate, but still hit slightly under the mark. At this time, there are things that we feel need more work before they are ready.

On the other hand, a possibility we hadn’t available before due to several reasons, working with union voice talents, opened up for us at the end of January. Pursuing that avenue means we get more and better options for the VO aspect of the game, but it also means we need to get the groundwork for that (administrative and legal paperwork) sorted out. SAG AFTRA (the Union we’re dealing with) have been very accommodating with us these past couple of months as we go along getting it sorted, but the process involves some back and forth between parties, and also some lawyer checks here and there, all of which has taken more time than we anticipated we’d be using working on VO setup when we didn’t have the union option open.

On the third hand, life happened. Those of you who’ve been following our streams know (and everyone else is now finding out) that one of our developers experienced some issues of the conflagration persuasion (read: house on fire), followed by a different flavour of combustion (read: computer on fire) right before last month’s stream, and while no files were lost in these happenings, progress suffered a bit of a halt as time was spent getting everything back up to its regular uncombusted state.

All that considered, and with awareness that no plan survives contact with the enemy (time, in this case), we’re changing strategies on the go.

The new plan is thus: We are going to be delaying the Backer’s Beta for a bit, while we work backstage to tighten the screws and make sure everything is in top shape, as well as getting the missing stuff plugged in its sockets. We estimate that an extra month-ish or so should about do it.

That should put the Backer’s beta in the mid-to-late April zone (or whereabouts. Might be earlier, might not), and the game’s release at some point after, which brings up another thing to consider, and it’s kind of a big one: We’re not the only fighting game releasing in that time window, and while the major release in that time period (Injustice 2) will be in consoles and we will be in Windows-based PC (for starters), we feel that giving some breath room between their release and ours is probably a good idea. Don’t want to get our toes stepped on, to be honest. We’d like to give the game the best launch opportunities possible: The more eyes we can get on the game, the more chances it’ll perform well in sales, and thus, the higher the chances we can secure enough funding to continue working on major aspects of Them’s Fightin’ Herds after Goat DLC and Mac&Linux Ports are delivered, so we will have to time our release carefully. End of May is looking like the most likely candidate, and we’ll be giving you guys a precise date as soon as we can on that front as well.

The Stream News.


Speaking of progress, it’s about time for our monthly work stream to show you guys some stuff in motion. This time, we’re scheduling it for Friday, March 24. Same time (3PM PT), same channel ( If you’ve got any questions, comments, doubts or whatnot, you can come in to the stream and have a talk with us. We’ll be going through a general overview of the game progress and showing what’s been new since last stream, as well as talking a bit about what’s still needing to be finished and what the extra time will allow us to do.



  • Game delayed by about one month (End of April>End of May) for extra polish time.
  • Game nearly done! Progress can be seen at the forums or the streams.
  • Backer’s Beta happening mid to late April
  • Union Voice Talent a possibility. This is good.
  • Work Stream happening as usual. Timed for this Friday, March 24. In this link.


Mane6 Work Stream #15 – Archive

Another month, another stream. We’re reaching the end of the planned development cycle, too, so this might be one of the three last major work streams we make (at least before we dip into the additional crowdfunded material)

This month, we’re scheduling the work stream for next Friday, February 24, as usual, at 3PM pacific Time, in our Twitch Channel.

We’ll see you all there!

Edit: Archive now up on youtube!

Mane6 Work Stream #14 – Archive

The Stream’s archive is now up on youtube!

Mane6 Work Stream #13 – Archive

The recording for last friday’s stream is now up on youtube!

Mane6 Work Stream #13

Let’s be honest. This one will probably be a short and very casual one. But hey, progress!

Stream for December will happen on Friday, December 23, at 3pm Pacific Time, in our twitch channel, as it’s the custom. See (some of) you there! (probably)

And in case we don’t see ’round the channel this time, what with dinners and gifts and parties and whatnots, happy holidays and new years and whathaveyous, too!

– Love. M6.

Mane6 Work Stream #12 – Archive

…Is now up on youtube. Enjoy!

Mane6 Work Stream #12 – Announcement

Usually, the monthly stream would be happening on a Friday. Most of the times, weirdly, it’d also happen to conflict with one thing or the other (tournaments, holidays, earthquakes, birthdays, whathaveyous), meaning that we’d (inadvertently) make it so some people couldn’t attend.


This time, we came prepared (we didn’t)!

Since Friday happens to be one day after the giving of thanks (thank you) in the United States, and given most of the devteam happens to be located in the US, and thus most likely will be either engaged in fistfighting old fragile grannies out of a 90% discounted 50-inch flat-screen TV on a sale, or completely out cold due to overingestion of turkey-based food, we shifted it along a bit. For this one and only time, we’ll be streaming on Monday instead. Let’s see how that goes.

The Mane6 Work Stream (XII) for November will be happening on Monday 28 of November, at 3pm Pacific time, on our usual place (read: the Twitch channel). See you there!


Mane6 Work Stream #11 – Archive


Work Stream XI Archive is now up on youtube.

Mane6 Work Stream #11 – Announcement

Hi all!

Next work stream will be on Friday, October 21, at 3PM pacific time, in our twitch channel.

See you all there!

p.s. Deadline for backer surveys is on the 22. No extensions this time!

Mane6 Work StreamS X: Anniversary Edition

Oooh boy, it’s been one year…ish, since the crowdfund started. Time flies. Let’s have us something special for the occasion, shall we?

Mane6 Work Stream X.1: Twitch Plays TFH


Starting with this! – Last time we did a Twitch Plays TFH session (during the crowdfund’s final moments), we had parts of arizona and velvet working. Now we have parts… most… some… of all six main characters ready to go, for at least 3 times the crowd sourced shenanigans!

Join us on our twitch channel next Wednesday, September 21, at 3pm pacific time for some multiplayer fun, followed by…

Mane6 Work Stream X.2: Anniversary Edition


Which will be happening on Friday September 23, also at 3pm and also on our twitch channel. We’ll be streaming some work progress, probably doing some stuff live, and we’ll also be joined by Lauren Faust, who’ll be staying for an hour or so to talk about the game, the story mode, a bit of lore and whatever else we come up with on the spot. Don’t miss it!


Backerkit Surveys going out!

Hey guys!

Starting today, Backers in the $10 pledge tier and above will be receiving some e-mail from us via the backerkit system. The invitation email will contain a link to your personal survey for the campaign rewards.

For most everyone, this survey will cover some basic information. What name you’d like to be credited as in the TFH backer credits, a triple confirmation on your shipping address if your tier contains physical rewards, etc.

People in the higher end of rewards whose tiers include custom content (create a sprite/accessory/palette/bg character) will also get a set of questions regarding the aforementioned custom designs.

If you need to change your survey responses, or update your shipping information, you can click on the link in your survey email again or request your survey link under “Lost your survey?” on our BackerKit project page at any point before we lock down the surveys for processing.

This is mostly how we’ll be handling the reward delivery information, so it’s very important that you guys fill out your surveys timely and properly. You will not need to create a BackerKit account to answer your survey.

If you used Facebook for your Indiegogo account, the BackerKit survey link will be sent to the email you used for your Facebook account. If you have another email address that you’d prefer to use, please throw us a message and we’ll get you switched ASAP.

Using Backerkit is an optional (but highly encouraged) step, so if you’d rather not, for any reason, use the Backerkit survey system, you can throw us a message and we’ll handle your information manually, but really guys, answering your mailed survey will help us get your rewards out to you quicker. BackerKit helps us save lots of time by streamlining the survey process, automating data organization, and providing us with pledge management software to make it easy to process your pledge reward shipments, so we really really encourage you to use it for collecting your data.

If you have any doubts about this process, feel free to contact us!

In addition, next friday (or whereabouts), backers should be getting a download link (also through the backerkit system) for the first delivered digital reward: The wallpapers.

We want to once again apologize on the lateness of this reward, by the way. There were some unexpected bumps in the road getting things set up for their delivery. We promise it won’t happen again.

Thanks everyone for backing our campaign!

Work Stream #9 – Archive

Well. That took forever to upload, but the archive for this stream is now up on youtube!